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Match Result – Sunday 17th April – Red Lion

  With cold rain and sleet on Saturday followed by a frost killed off the fishing for some, but there were fish around with the following results: 1st – Kevin Carter had 1 bite 1 fish a carp of 6-7-0 2nd – Andy Allday 6-4-0  2 bites in the last half hour for 2 chub  3rd  […]

Match result – 10th April – Broughton

Twenty five fished on the day, weather was fine and sunny but catches depressed by frost and a easterly wind except for Pete Durrant who caught ten bream in the second half of the match the other weights were mostly roach to bread punch Pete had his fish on worm (see pictures) 1st Pete Durrant  26-3-8 2nd  […]