Restocking the canal –

A Christmas gift from Boxmoor and District Angling Society to TTA.

On Monday and Tuesday 22nd and 23rd nearly a thousand pounds of fish, mostly bream and small roach were moved from Westbrook Mere, Boxmoor to Buckland bridge on the Aylesbury arm. This was part of the on going restocking programme following our 2013 fish loss.Westbrook 1

Alan & Mike from BDAS plus Mark and Tony TTA watch MEM Fisheries haul on 180 yards of net, hopefully with the capture of expected bream.

Westbrook 2

Ian McNeil of MEM fisheries sorts the leaves from 300lb of bream destined for Buckland.

Westbrool plastic bass

What!? An invasive species, call the EA – Happily it is only plastic small mouth bass.

Westbrook 3

Some bream plus loads of small roach this time.

Westbrook 4

Roach are kept separate from the bream in the holding nets so they are not damaged by the bigger fish.

Westbrook 5

Fish arrive safely at Buckland in the special oxygenated tank to reduce casualties to almost zero.

Westbrook 6

Tony Bradbury introduces some bream to their new home in his beloved Aylesbury Arm canal.

The Tring Anglers are extremely grateful to the following.

Mike Heylin OBE and the committee of Boxmoor and District AS for the fish from Westbrook Mere, we hope the reduction of biomass in the lake has the desired effect on the growth rates of the carp and tench.

MEM Fisheries team for providing the skill and hard labour to ensure the fish were safely captured and moved, as they do on the occasions when it is required on the canal system stoppages.

John Ellis, Canal & River Trust, National Fisheries and Angling Manager who paid for the first days fish movement.

My committee colleagues, members of TTA and local tackle shops, who raised money in tackle shops and with monthly canal matches which paid for the second days fish movement.

Without all their help none of this would have taken place.

Thanks again!

Dick Pilkinton