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For Sale

ABU 508 Closed Face reel.


Its got to be around 40 years old but in perfect mechanical order, although the anti-reverse pin has been removed.  This was/is a common modification performed by the owners of the ABU 500 series reels as it made it possible to play a fish by back winding, as well as using the clutch. The ABU 508 is the rare RIGHT HAND wind version of the ABU 507, quite possibly THE finest fixed spool reel for stick float fishing EVER!!  The 507 and 508 were the big brothers to the popular ABU 506’s, and other 500 series reels, with the 508 being the ONLY reel in the 500 series which offered a left hand wind. These reels have often been copied, but never bettered, even the ‘new’ ABU 507’s have never come up to the standards and precision of the original series.
I think it is quite a ‘late’ model as the spool cover is black, not the usual light silver blue, so again….quite rare….and it bears worn paint marks through genuine usage, but it is in sound condition mechanically.
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