Match (sweepstake) 22 Jan IMPORTANT UPDATE

Dates: 22/01/2017 Dates: 22/01/2017 Location:

Lakeside FROZEN over

see note from Tony Beadle

Due to a frozen lake + 90% of canal frozen, plus there are no prospects of it getting any warmer, the above match has been cancelled.

 Some of us are looking for an ice free venue and will probably fish the Canal at Langleybury opposite the Church. It is a LAA day ticket water (payable of the bailiff turns up) and is moving due to a small river which runs in and out of the canal making fishing possible. I do not expect it will fish well- we shall see. For those interested we will draw at 8am and fish 9am till 2 pm. For those early risers, some are having breakfast at McDonalds at the Services on A41 meeting at c 7am.