Old Codgers result

Simon Pavey
19 December at 16:32
7 codgers turned out this morning at old fishery lane on the GUC. 0 degrees, a frost and an icy lid on most of the canal. 4 of us crammed into the only unfrozen bit by the bridge with another finding a fishable spot between 2 boats. The other two walked to the boundaries in either direction with one breaking the ice to fish.
Fishing for bites was definitely the order of the day, breadpunch and worm seemed to work but it was hard going. At the scales after 5 long hours it was Steve Purdy who won the day, it was worth the walk and ice breaking for him.


1. Steve Purdy. 8lb:10oz. ( roach, chublets, gudgeon and a last minute bream)
2. Dave Moore. 1lb:5oz
3. Simon Pavey. 6oz:8drams.
4. Chris Howard. 2oz:8drams.
5. Eric Sharman 8drams.
Tony Beadle and Martin Rodwell . DNW…

Tuesday OC matches will resume in the new year, watch this space..