Old Codgers result

Simon Pavey
28 November at 17:20


 From our facebook page.
It was unexpectedly mild and cloudy at 8am this morning as we drew for today’s old codgers outing at Dixons gap.
By 9 it was bright and bloody freezing..
6 of us spread along the upper short pound which was gin clear and seemingly lifeless. After three hours we were all blanking until I changed tactics and fished worm tail over chopped worm just over the inside ledge. I hooked a decent, but unseen fish which did a Houdini on me as I reached for my landing net.
Later I had a second bite and gingerly played and landed a 2oz perch…
Up by the far lock Eric Sharman managed to land 2 lumpy bream on red maggot down the track.

Results were predictably grim…

1. Eric Sharman. 8lb:2 oz
2. Simon Pavey. 0:2oz
4 others DNW…