Dates: 14/04/2018 Dates: 14/04/2018 Location:

We’re almost there with the Shabbington clear up but with the digger moving in on Monday 16th, we need a couple more days to finish the job and intend to get down there next week on Tues 10th and Sat 14th.  
To meet the deadline, we could do with a few more volunteers to help out so if anyone is available on either or both of these days we’d be glad to see you.  The work is quite basic and just involves putting branches onto a bonfire, or preferably bonfires!!
Please bring your own refreshments and come suitably dressed, gloves, boots etc.  Some long handled pruning shears and/or a small bow saw may be useful to bring but not essential, and if you have it, material to start a bonfire (old papers/cardboard/dry kindling etc) but again, not essential.
For those with wood burners…help yourself to some logs for next winter !!