Frequently Asked Questions


If you can’t find an answer to your question here please contact us through our Facebook page or, if you’re not on Facebook, use the relevant email contact on the Committee page of the website.

What does your query relate to?


Q. Once I have joined, how long does it take for my membership book to arrive.

A. It can take up to 4 weeks. Until this arrives, please use your email confirmation, digital payment receipt or your shop joining form as proof of purchase while fishing. These receipts should be carried at all times as proof of membership.

Q. Do I get a membership card when I join the reservoirs?

A. Yes, in order for us to process this you need to make sure you upload a photo with your application.

Q. Is my membership book replaced annually.

A. Please keep you membership book and on renewal, put your new sticker inside the front cover. A new book will be issued only when enough updates warrant it.

Q. I’ve emailed Tring Anglers and had no reply yet.

A. Sometimes it is quicker to send a message on our Facebook page

Day or Guest Tickets

Q. How do I obtain a day ticket.

A. They can be purchased here on our site or on the bank from a patrolling bailiff.

Q. How do I obtain a guest ticket

A. Guest tickets may only be purchased by a club member on behalf of the guest in advance from a club bailiff.

Q. How do I obtain a guest ticket for the reservoirs.

A. Contact the head bailiff by text only to 07856 241119 or Mick Shaw 07983 242456 giving a minimum of 3 days notice.

Fishing lessons/Coaching Events

Q. Do Tring Anglers offer any angling lessons for beginners?

A. Our club has a range of angling coaching events to suit everybody, from May until September. The dates are published around April and can be found on the club Website and Facebook pages. Some you can just turn up to, others you will need to book prior to the event.

Q. How do we find out about Lets Fish events?

A. This information can be found on The Tring Anglers website or Facebook page.

Work Parties

Q. I’d like to attend the work parties. How do I get involved?

A. Contact the Fisheries Officers: or We hold them on weekdays and weekends to make them accessible to all.

Q. Is there a commitment to attend all work parties?

A. No, we are grateful for any help you can offer.


Q. How do l volunteer or help to get involved with TA?

A. Post a message on our Facebook page and someone will respond.