Grand Union Canal

Grand Union canal – main canal: Cooks Wharf, Pitstone, to Tring station

Cooks Wharf to Marsworth lock house

Members & guest only, NO day tickets.

This section holds a large variety of species, although it is renowned for carp. roach and bream. Perch and chub are also present and some could be considered specimen size. Most baits work well and groundbait should be used if targeting roach and bream. This venue will produce fish all year round. Please park in an orderly fashion on this popular venue. There is NO fishing allowed opposite Dunstable & District Boat Club marina (between the white arrows on notices). Although fishing is allowed in the first marina please observe the boater’s privacy and do not cast alongside the boats.

Nearest Post Code: LU7 0SZ

Marsworth lock house to Red Lion to old BW yard (now a modern waterside housing development) (aka ‘the Red Lion stretch’)

This section is famous for its carp fishing; carp are present in almost every peg together with roach, chub and large perch. Fishing is not allowed on either side of the canal between the new waterside housing development (old British Waterways yard) and the White Lion bridge.

Nearest Post Code: HP23 4LU

Marsworth White Lion to Wendover Arm junction (aka ‘the flight’, or the ‘ressie pounds’)

Being close to the car park, the first pound is very popular and holds a good head of fish including perch, roach and bream. The canal then climbs through several locks and the further up you go, the less people you’ll see fishing, although there are plenty of fish in there. The towpath here can be very busy with pedestrians, cyclists, dogs etc. so beware !

Fishing is not allowed between the Wendover Arm junction and the Grand Junction Arms bridge.

Grand Junction Arms bridge, Bulbourne to Tring station (aka ‘Tring cutting’)

This section holds some of the best fishing on the canal and starts with Bulbourne winding hole which holds a large head of quality fish including large roach and bream. Waggler tactics often pay off here, also fishing close to the nearside bank, (boats turning in this area can cause some concern to anglers. (so leave enough room for them). Narrowing down to the cut is a tree-lined section that offers some protection from the elements but also produces some good catches of roach & skimmer bream along its length. Carp and chub are also in residence but are not as common place here as other sections of the canal. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to fish as boat traffic becomes lighter.

Nearest Post code: HP23 5QE


  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Common Carp
  • Dace
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach