Reservoir Day Ticket Rules

The Tring Anglers

Reservoir Angling Day Permit Rules


  •  Maximum of 2 rods.
  • No night fishing – dawn to dusk only, see times
  • No keepnets except in matches, carp sacks and retaining slings permitted, fish should be retained as short as time as possible.
  • Unhooking mats required for all species.
  • No litter to be left please take it home.
  • No fires or BBQ’s permitted on the fishery.
  • No fishing in unauthorised areas
  • No dogs are permitted whilst fishing. NB Season ticket holders may bring authorised dogs.
  • All fish must be returned to the water unharmed. No fish to moved between waters or removed from site.
  • Pike season 1st October to 31st March. NO lure fishing is permitted.
  • Fishing equipment should not obstruct footpaths.
  • Anglers must fish the swim immediately in front of them and not space out rods to spoil the sport for others.
  • The use of fixed bolt rigs is not permitted and the promotion of safe rigs whether using lead weights or swim feeders must be adhered to at all times.
  • No bait boats or boats are permitted to be used on a day permit.
  • Prebaiting a swim prior to fishing is not permitted and No swim can be reserved.
  • Anyone wishing to coach, film, produce written media or in any other way angle for commercial purposes must seek prior permission from the head bailiff. This includes commercial social media. All publication of captures to be to be authorised before publication.