Reservoir Rules

Tring Reservoirs Season Permit Fishery Rules 2020

Tring Reservoirs Season Permit Fishery Rules 2020/2021 – Rules apply to all season permit holders unless specified.
  1. The maximum number of rods to be used will be THREE at Marsworth, FOUR at Wilstone and Startops. During the pike season a maximum of FOUR on all reservoirs subject to availability
  2. Membership is subject to ratification and approval by The Tring Anglers. We Reserve the right to withhold membership.
  3. Daytime ticket holders should cease fishing at DUSK.
  4. All the Tring Reservoirs are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Natural England. Please cause as little disturbance as possible to wildlife. Parts of the perimeter of Wilstone and Marsworth reservoir are no fishing areas. Please adhere to no fishing in these areas.
  5. No fires of any description to be lit. Purpose designed BBQ’s permitted, no disposable BBQ’s permitted at any time.
  6. No litter of any description to be left on the fishery. If it is in your swim YOU are responsible to remove it.
  7. Transistor radios, portable stereo’s or similar equipment can be used on site provided they do not create a disturbance to other anglers or the general public.
  8. A dog will be permitted while fishing with the prior permission of a bailiff. The angler is totally responsible for the behaviour of the dog, cleaning up after the dog and may be asked to leave the premises, or even loose their angling permit if the dog is deemed to be out of control.
  9. No ‘constant lights’ are permitted. However, the use of a head torch or pocket torch is permitted.
  10. Fishing equipment should not obstruct public footpaths.
  11. Anglers must fish the swim immediately in front of them and not space rods to spoil the sport of other customers. On open banks please adhere to EA regulations to allow 15 yards between anglers.
  12. Keepnets are not permitted except in bona fide matches.
  13. Fish can only be slinged for recovery and photographic purposes and no longer than 30 minutes unless they have head bailiff permission.
  14. Substantial unhooking mats and landing nets must always be used and all fish to be returned to the water except for those to be used for live baits, those which are unused should also be returned. It is an offence under the 1968 Theft Act to remove fish off site.
  15. The use of heavy fixed bolt rigs is not permitted and the promotion of safe rigs whether using lead weights or swim feeders is always to be adhered to. Rig checks will be completed by bailiffs for the safety of fish and education of anglers.
  16. The pike season for live baiting, dead baiting will run from 1st October to 31st March. Live baits must be caught from the actual reservoir in which the angler is fishing and must under no circumstances be removed from the nearby Grand Union Canal or brought in from another fishery. The byelaws of the Thames Region Environment Agency apply to all three reservoirs. NO LURE FISHING at any time.
  17. The use of bait boats is not permitted. Boats only to be used with bailiff/club permission and all necessary paperwok signed before use. Also a boat fee of £30 to be paid. Dinghies may only be used for baiting, raking swims and for putting out markers at the permitted times and then only on Startops and Wilstone. The use of boats for depositing hook baits is for safety and angling welfare reasons only and at the discretion of the bailiff. Boats should not be used for any activity beyond the casting distance of the angler. Fishing markers must be removed from the water after a fishing session, unless it is unsafe for them to be retrieved. Life jackets must be worn. No boats/dinghies to be used on Marsworth Reservoir.
    No fishing is to take place from the dinghies. CRT and TTA can accept no responsibility for all Health and Safety issues relating to the use of dinghies. Dinghies and boats must be purpose designed and substantial for the situation, therefore no seaside dinghies permitted.
  18. Permits are not transferable and must always be carried whilst fishing at the three reservoirs covered by the permit. It is an offence under the Theft Act to fish without permission of the owner. If Permit is not produced, you may be asked to leave the water.
  19. The permit will remain valid until 31st March. Season permit holders will be responsible for stewarding of other season permit holders between sunset and sunrise. Each season permits holder has full right and authority to check the membership credentials
  20. In the first instance any issues such as fish theft, illegal methods of fishing or pollution should be reported to the Environment Agency on their 24-hour emergency number 0800 807060 and thereafter during normal working hours (Only when available).
  21. Tring Anglers bailiffs, Canal and River Trust employees, Police and Environment Agency Staff on proof of identity are also entitled to check permits at any time.
  22. Car parking permits issued by a car park contractor on behalf of Canal and River Trust are not transferable and must be displayed in the windscreen of the nominated vehicle or there is a risk of action by the appointed management company. This will be a matter for the permit holder to deal with and CRT will have no responsibility in this regard. All cars are parked at the owners risk and parking should not take place on public highways or verges.
  23. Canal and River Trust give no guarantee as to water levels in the reservoirs. All the reservoirs are required for operational purposes i.e. to supply water to the canal network and are subject to fluctuating water levels. The extent of this fluctuation is dependent on matters such as general weather conditions, levels of rainfall etc. This could mean reduction of swims or number of rods permitted on the effected water.
  24. In the event of an angler not adhering to the fishery rules The Tring Anglers retain the right to withdraw the permit without recourse to a refund and for that person to be excluded from fishing at any of the Tring Reservoirs.
  25. Canal & River Trust and The Tring Anglers reserve the right to close part or all of any of the reservoirs to anglers. Except in an emergency details of any such closures will be posted on the fishery notice boards.
  26. When night fishing at Marsworth, if a match is booked on the peg that you are occupying, then fishing must cease at 6 am on the day of the match and you should be packed away and leaving site by 6.30am or thereabouts.
  27. Day tickets for non-season ticket holders are available on the bank from the bailiff or on the website.
  28. Guest Tickets are available to night season permit holders only, at a cost of £20 per 24 hour period. THESE MUST BE PURCHASED AT LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE FROM JOE BELTON USING TEXT ONLY  07861 917770 or and is restricted to a maximum of one per member per night. Details of the guest name and the sponsoring members card number must be supplied. The maximum number of guest tickets per member per year (1st May-31st March) is 3 (three). No guest permits will be issued for the first month (April) of the season and official Bank Holiday periods. The guest’s behaviour is the total responsibility of the member and is expected to fish the same or next peg to the member.
  29. The maximum stay at any peg will be 96 hours, with no return for 24 hours.
  30. Bivvies’ and other equipment should not be permitted to be left unoccupied for more than 4 hours on Marsworth, Wilstone and Startops. Any equipment left unoccupied is entirely at the owners’ risk. Prebaiting a peg prior to fishing is not permitted. No peg can be ‘Reserved’.
  31.  Permission must be obtained from the Tring Anglers/Head Bailiff prior to any member wishing to coach, film, produce written media or in any way angle for commercial purposes with intent to post to their personal/private social media (i.e. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.) Posting of any information to a public domain is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance can result in loss of membership.
  32. No swim rotation or reserving a swim for someone else etc.
  33. To prevent damage to valuable fish stocks, extreme care must be taken when landing and lifting any fish up the reservoir walls. Failure to comply could result in a 5 year or lifetime ban.
  34. Everyone fishing a Tring Anglers water must have a valid EA Rod License which, when asked to produce by the Tring Anglers bailiff, EA bailiff or police, must comply. Failure to produce a valid license will result in being asked to leave and surrender membership.