Club News



Many of you that visit our Facebook page will have seen the work that has taken place over the past few weeks to cut back trees, dredge the water and repair the leak at the far end by the mill caused by crayfish burrowing into the bank.


Those that fish the water regularly will have witnessed the gradual build-up of silt over the years resulting in the water becoming shallow, particularly where the stream comes in. This presents a potential danger to fish due to oxygen depletion in the hot summer months and fish stocks being more visible to predators. Tree growth, particularly on the narrow stretch had become unmanageable for club volunteers to control. Excessive leaf fall and dead decaying branches in the water were not conducive to fish health or pleasant angling.


The water is now looking quite stark. All the trees, bushes and undergrowth on the opposite bank had to be cleared to allow access for the dredging and some of the trees on the bank we fish from have been cut back and thinned out. The patches of brambles on the main water have been cleared, removing snags and creating more swims.

The banks will be reseeded and the cut back trees will soon produce new growth that will allow us to manage them more easily in the future. We feel sure that by the end of this summer it will look very different.


We are going to install seven platforms, including a disabled platform, on the narrow arm. The materials for this are currently on site and, with the help of our volunteers, will be installed during the Spring.

We will be planting patches of lilies in containers to stop them spreading together with other plant life to provide shelter from predators and a good natural habitat for the fish.

Next season, when the water has settled and natural food has been re-established, we will be stocking tench, crucian carp and more silvers.

Overall, we feel that the short term pain will have been worth it and Ford End will have been turned into a lovely fishery for the benefit of our members.